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Callahan Family Foundation

The Callahan Family Foundation is committed to giving back to their home city of Orlando, Winter Park, and adjacent communities. At the forefront of the Foundation’s priorities is providing support for effective and essential holistic services for disadvantaged children, and community organizations that the Callahan family has served. 


The Foundation believes creating positive change in Central Florida starts first with ourselves. Their monetary support has gone to strengthen community organizations in education, homelessness, the arts, and christian institutions making a positive impact in the Orlando area.


Overseen by Scott Callahan, the Foundation has created a legacy and a commitment for the Callahan family - and they invite you to be a part of making a difference in Central Florida by joining them in support and service to these important organizations. 

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” 

-Winston S. Churchill

Our Giving

Our mission is to give back to our community in all areas that we've enjoyed or believe in. To date, our Central Florida-focused giving has been in

these categories:

  • Education 31%

  • Human Services 24%

  • Religious Services 18%

  • Other 31%

  • Arts & Culture 6%

  • Community Efforts 4%

Palm Trees

Our Founder

Scott Callahan is the Managing Partner of Salerno Capital Partners, an opportunistic investment firm focused on providing capital to businesses throughout the U.S. He is a dedicated philanthropist in the Orlando community, and oversees the Callahan Family Foundation.

Organizations That Need Your Support